Importance of a driver’s license

A driving license, popularly called as a DL, is an official document issued by the regulatory body of the government to allow the authorized holder to operate the various motor vehicle on the roads and highways. It keeps the holder in check to follow the various rules and regulations of the traffic and hence is sanctioned after a rigorous selection process. This shows the immense importance of a driving license, which is also used these days to procure for the various motor insurances from the different agencies. But what happens if in case you do not have a driving license? This article answers this question in detail and states how to procure auto insurance with no license.

Steps to obtain car insurance without a license

Following are some of the cases for car insurance no driver’s license and how to obtain the insurance in such cases: –

secondhand car

  • There are no strict laws that prevent any customer to purchase a new car without the driving license, but however, there are strict laws that prevent them from driving on the roads without the license. In cases of car purchase, it is sufficient to have a photo identity proof and car insurance, but this insurance needs to be procured much before the final settlement over the purchase of the cars.
  • getting car insurance without a license is not at all an easy affair and hence detailed guidelines need to be followed for the same. A proper and detailed discussion with the insurance agencies needs to be done in order to make yourself completely aware of the entire process and leave no speckle of doubt and query regarding the process. Further pointers discuss this process in more detail, thus giving a deeper insight.
  • In such cases selecting someone as the primary driver gets helpful. A primary driver is someone by close blood relation or relative who holds an authorized driving license and hence can apply for the insurance of the vehicle on behalf of the original owner. However, this needs to be made clear to the insurance agencies, else in the future, it might lead to the denial of the insurance claims.

If the above options do not work, then the best case would be to make the primary driver as the co-owner of the vehicle so that all of the complications get resolved and the car gets insured with the name of the former as the driver.